Boots bar

Boots on the Ground (documentary)

Boots Riley is a prolific Oakland rapper, musician and social activist, who is now fighting to bring his distinct voice and agitprop politics to the silver screen.



The Immaculate (dramatic feature screenplay)

A dark satire about a teenage girl who convinces her small, religious town that her surprise pregnancy is an immaculate conception, while a popular televangelist tries to capitalize on the story and a documentary crew works to uncover the truth.


Development bar

The Mushroom Trail  (documentary)

Take a rare journey down the Mushroom Trail, a stretch of forest from California to the Yukon, where roving bands of pickers from across the globe engage in the competitive, sometime violent hunt for one of the continent’s largest legal cash crops: wild mushrooms.


Cycles bar

Cycles  (dramatic feature screenplay)

A young, recovering alcoholic returns home to find his small prairie town in a rut of routine and addiction. While grappling with religious faith and the dark secrets that haunt his family, he finds himself reluctantly helping his mother conquer her own demons.


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