Film & Television

Production Design

Another Wolfcop (2017)

20160207_212250_resized   20160203_154224_resized   20160205_113148_resized   20160211_123708_resized   20160220_140210_resized   20160222_184111_resized

Wolfcop (2014)

IMAG1379   IMAG1382    IMAG1512   IMAG1516   IMAG1543   IMAG1550   IMAG1418

Blood, Lies and Alibis (2012-13)

IMG_0229   IMG_0538

Graphic Design

Timeless pilot – “1937 New Jersey”

IMG_1635  IMG_1657    IMG_1641  IMG_1636   IMG_1665  IMG_1666


Various Signs/Posters

IMG_2536   Movie Poster (small)   Bar Marquee 1   2015-08-13 17.43.16         Cigarette sign    IMG_2626   IMAG4729   Movie Poster 2 (small)   Regina sign v02 DEMO   Donut logo   Hawaii poster small   IMG_2976   Olympics banner DEMO   Apex EXT DEMO   RCMP map DEMO   Mine logo 2 DEMO   posters   Hunting poster - bar   Pawn poster 1   Cop 6 18x24   Flower shop sign DEMO   Transit Ad C Apr 2010 (small)   Donatello's EXT sign DEMO   Bar poster 3 (18x24)   Barn poster 4 (24x36)   School 1 18x26    Casino 4   Afghan 1 24x36   Greek display 1   Digital Maps for Graphic Design



img_4235   IMG_3717   Beer Label 1  Newspaper 1 DEMO IMAG1424   IMAG1478   Sally cookbook cover DEMO   IMG_1006   BBQ sauce   Greek casette 1   Magazine cover REVISED      Directory 1 8.2x10.75   Cereal box COVER   Detective Mag cover



Garcia dossier      110-21B1   106-27   110-21A


Picture Vehicles

IMG_1583   IMG_1580   Courier Van DEMO3   IMG_3178   SAMSUNG   IMG_1001 (2)   IMG_9573



Photoshop 5   Photoshop 1 Photoshop 2    Photoshop 3    Photoshop 4


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